Selection and Replacement of Sand Maker Lubrication


     With the high-speed railway, highway construction, sand making machine is also more widely used. Sand-related installation, commissioning, maintenance knowledge is also well-known for the user, but for sand lubricant selection of these knowledge, users may not know much aboutit . Following Henan Hongxing technician tell you some knowledge on sand making machine lubricant selection and replacement:
1. Replace the diesel engines
The diesel engine should adopt the oil with low temperature, in the a small cryogenic engine oil viscosity. Try to use high-performance motor oil, such oil is not easy in the high temperature oxidation, precision components of the diesel engine will not leave the sediment, which can greatly extend the diesel engine life.
2. Replacement of oil and grease 
     Seasonal maintenance, gear oil in the transmission, transfer, differential, steering gear should be replaced with winter gear oil. When oil change, you should pay attention to cleaning.
     The selection of fuel oilDiesel fuel at low temperatures is easy to wax, viscosity increases, fluidity is poor, poor atomization, and lead to the deterioration of the combustion process and reduce the engine power and economy. In order to pastel work, reduce fuel consumption,you should use lower pour point diesel to the engine. The general selection principles: the pour point of diesel is around 5 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature. The winter diesel grades: -10 # -20 # -35 #, and so on.

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