The Solutions to the Common Problems of Cone Crushers

Among all the mining machinery equipment, after long-term growth and development, cone crusher still has market potential. Emissions produced during the process of operation have been reduced, which is the new direction for crusher industry. Shanghai Zenith will continue to promote them and make every effort to promote the Whole development of crusher industry.Cone crusher produced by Shanghai Zenith is representative crusher equipment. It is equipped with best quality and high efficiency, to some extents; it stimulates the whole development of crusher industry.Jaw crusher is widely used in large mining or quarrying operations.

Cone crusher is suitable for the crushing of various ores and rocks with medium or above hardness because of its features of large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption and even granularity. It can operate the medium and fine crushing smoothly and reliably.

However, just as any other machines, cone crusher will also have common problems. The following are some solutions to these problems.

Fault one: the oil pressure in the front and back oil tube of the filter is not the same.

Reason: the filter is blocked.

Solution: once the oil pressure difference is larger than 0.04MPa, it had better to clean the filter. When cleaning the filter, it should take the filter off firstly and supply oil to the crusher directly for 2-3 hours. As a professional and the best mining machinery manufacturer in China, Hongxing Machinery is always ready to provide the superior crushing and grinding machines with the best quality and the most competitive price such as flotation cell, clinker grinding station.

Fault two: the oil temperature exceeded 55℃, but the oil pressure hasn’t increased yet.

Reason: there is something wrong with the eccentric shaft sleeve.

Solution: to halt the crusher to check the straight sleeve and cone sleeve and to remove the faults.

Fault three: the oil temperature will increase as the oil pressure does.

Reason: the oil tube or the internal oil circuit of the cone crusher are blocked.

Solution: to find the block point and to remove it.

Fault four: the oil temperature is higher than 45℃ after passing the cooling system.

Reason: 1. There is no cooling water; 2. The cooling water has a high temperature; 3. The cooling system is blocked.

Solution: 1. To supply cooling water; 2. To check if the water pressure is too low and to increase the pressure as much as possible; 3. To clean the cooling system and then to check the temperature of the cooling water.

Fault five: there is water mixed in the oil and the oil increases in the oil tank.

Reason: the water pressure is higher than the oil pressure in the cooling system.

Solution: to make the water pressure lower than 0.05MPa in the cooling system.

These are all the common problems for cone crusher and after knowing these solutions, the customers can solve them easily. Hongxing not only can supply you the best mining machinery, but also can offer you the best service.