Xu Song is the one everyone know the singer, everyone knows that he is a network of singers, never appeared on television, many people would think that he refused to Hunan TV is arrogant, arrogant… This is not the case, everyone with me to read his story would have to change his views! I hope you can change your point of view!

first listen to his songs are in high school, how to say it? Feel the sound and others Xu Song is different, can not use language to express, began to love his songs from that time, listen to his songs every night, remember during the college entrance examination is to listen to his song, always can give a person a kind of comfortable feeling!

Xu Song’s life as

next to bring you some stories about Xu Song, and slowly and see! No difference with us, he also have their own troubles franklin marshall vendita and the feelings of the matter, Negozi franklin marshall to have a look louis vuitton vendita Xu Song sour, sweet, bitter, hot things! I don’t know why saw the tears could not control the flow down!

Xu Song’s life when

was still in high school, Xu Song talked about a girlfriend, girl is smart, beautiful and lovely! Xu Song is not a handsome and very crazy boy, also don’t know the girl likes him, however, the girl is absolutely true, he was concerned about him, even under a public occasion will say some people feel blush about words, girls don’t care what people say! When they are out of school a, they are very loving and the other day to talk together, always feel not enough, go home at night two people but also on QQ talk for a while, until a family hurried to go to bed, (when they go to high school close to home, so at home, not to live in the school) every morning the outlet louis vuitton borse first thing is to run into each other on a talk for a while, take care of each other, the school does not envy their happiness, happiness, are always come o. Entrance to the, they cheer each other, about good meet in Tsinghua University, two people can have clear mind, perhaps they will not the same school classmate, can no longer be happy every day, care about each other, as expected, college entrance examination results came out, the girl was admitted to a famous university provinces, while soldes abercrombie fitch Xu Song received only the Medical University Of Anhui reports, two people although Negozi michael kors not the same school, but agreed to say hello to each other by QQ every day, if which day not to call to tell each other, each other is very substantial, later, Xu Song began to crush on music creation, but always failed, the girl always encouraged him to… He has very confident, a chat, a girl suddenly asked him later whether to marry her, Xu Song said will, the girl is very touched, since then,]]>
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