memories of the previous bit by bit previously

is a horse who character is very strange, sometimes love to talk, and sometimes can be a day without talking, happy time, will do the talking, not happy when, not to say a word.

is a horse who doesn’t love you, but who is good for him who is not good for him, he still remember very clear

horse put yourself in midnight silence and midnight clear laughter.

the fitch pas cher horse’s focus is a sense of security. Want to be protected, it michael kors prezzi is often a person.

is a horse is not easy to fall in love with someone, but once in love with it is difficult to extricate oneself. Once injured, always hurt so deep. Only a few intimate friends

horse is a spoiled child love, always rely on others to

horse like Negozi louis vuitton the sea, like himself. Like lick his wounds.

horse’s personality is very strange and lonely, they will suddenly laughing in silence, feeling sad.

is a horse mind never say others can not guess.

horse mouth say don’t care, the heart has long been the fire has been extinguished, heart sad.

horse chose to remain silent, not as before hot engine to pursue something.

horse always loving memories, memories of the previous bit by bit previously, the size of the thing just silently thinking about.

belongs to the horse’s inborn keen, and students have the sixth sense, the human heart has quite remarkable insight, but he would christian louboutin negozi put these things in mind, the horse people can turn your eyes, heart to see clearly, but don’t tell you, he looks on attitude determination of false.

horse people do not know speak sugared words,.

disdain bootlick horse people instinctively reject hypocrisy and affectation.

is a horse calzature jimmy choo who won’t really angry, even if Angry, will soon forget!

is a horse who only truly understand borse jimmy choo him, showing his creativity, his mood, he proves that he began to become indifferent to you again, and when he is silent, represents him more angry.

horse may look very fierce, the heart is the most flexible.

horse people look very cold, but the only way to protect oneself.

horse people attach great importance to the friendship, but was hurt after not friendly.

is a horse who is easy to be moved, but also retains the intellectual move.

horse people may appear to be very strong, in fact, is the most fragile.

horse may very love cry, but his cry does not represent the defeat.

the horse may look stupid, in fact, still water runs deep.

is a horse who may work very short-tempered, but the heart is very careful.

horse born sensitive and delicate, but will carefully identified.

is a horse is weak, injured, only know that hide in a place where nobody cry alone.

is false, it is sad to not breathe, but to love him pretending to be strong; do not let any >
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