took her all over the world He once said to me when I watch TV

Reason and reality, the sea and the land so in love before completely defeated, because the focus, but always in.

a good friend once asked me, you have no so love a person, you can do anything for him, and even willing to die for him, and he in your eyes is perfect, strengths and weaknesses, advantages sconto michael kors is to enlarge the advantages, you want to marry him, think of the future every day with him through, but he don’t love you. The more you insist on more efforts, you will more parallel and more. After a momentary pause, he said, if I can have a chance together, is really willing to anything, even now, have long time no contact, if she comes back, I will not hold. Why

these words make me want to cry? Who said that love the normal is sweet? Such a bitter, love is the saturation concentration.

because of pure, even by the time and the matters covered by a layer of the vicissitudes of the ash, still can be in a gust of wind after see it through the spring, that is the love itself look, even the old, also did not change, thought to forget, but still.

grandma loves to tell me the story before, can imagine her with grandpa a way of wind and rain is not our kind of young people. The big background, the turbulence of outsiders alienation, separated, have little food to eat, be plagued by poverty and ill health, job transfer, political grievances…… These big ups and downs, a small setback, pile piece carved on his face, arranged in a crisscross pattern, it has nothing to do with love, but decades of Xiangruyimo stand together through storm and stress, and who dare not love?

she had to longly told me. Life can be improved, the difficulties can be overcome, the real long-term vision is not a rich condition good husband, but to find a true love, right people, so that they are willing to pay, and don’t ask why, jogging juicy couture will not trouble, otherwise, how can a lifetime. “You know not to know, the life of a person how long ah! Much ah! Hard ah!” She also warned — in fact.

because of the love, how can have the vicissitudes of life?

today, I saw abercrombie femme her with my grandfather playing chess, flush with shame, inflexibility, holding each other’s hands shouting don’t regret; see she was my grandfather to dish snuck wasabi spicy laughing tears; see she ironed with my that hundreds of trousers, complaining about how to find a pretty smug the old man……

and grandpa grandma used to be a lifetime, when young stubborn pride, it is old to don’t begrudge say something sweet or words of juicy couture uk praise, send her a gift, writing for her, took her all over the world. He once said borse chloe to me when I watch TV, “actress need good daughter-in-law, this is too rare, with your grandmother.”

and two people together, there is always a lot of this moment let me moved to want to cry.

this is not a romantic themes excuse can satisfactorily, not with love when the bread to escape from the reality, but not the net worth of condition each other details into a selected list can be, this is a bear bear process: first the love and life are mixed together, Negozi franklin marshall into the rice soup; then love and life entangled together, be related by flesh and blood.
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