– Airbag Computer Reset, Mobile Diagnostics

Airbag Computer Reset Services for all makes and models. We can service your airbag light and reprogram your airbag module, we can virginize or repair them.

In the accident – when airbags deploy- the Airbag Control Module stores information (CRASH DATA) and will keep the airbag light on in the instrument panel.

Even after replacing all deployed components (airbags,seat belts, pre-tennsioners, etc) airbag control module will keep the light on unless it is replaced, reset or repaired.

Most of the brand new or used modules still has to be programmed to your vehicle with dealer level scan tools. No need to buy new modules from the dealer
SRSRESET can your ORIGINAL airbag computer reset to before accident condition. If you replaced all deployed components there will be no need to clear trouble codes or program the module. BMW DME/DDE/EWS modules can be matched only once to the car, they can’t be used in different vehicles.

We can virginize or repair them , so you can reuse them again as new. Save money using used DME/DDE and EWS modules. Transfer all data form damaged DME/EWS to another one, no extra programming required to start your car.


Virginize used ecu to new condition, used ecu vin nr change, transer all data form damaged ECU to new or used one, no extra programming required to start your car
ECU pin nr extraction, IMMO OFF, Instrument cluster pin extraction, transfer all data from damaged ECU to new or used one, no extra programing required to start your car.

Mileage Correction – all makes and models – reset mileage reading to your requirement.