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10 Jul 2013 “No, you can get regular guns pretty easy at home, but not anti-tank weapons.No thanks, buddy, I-“.They knew that there had to be some light Russian units just beyond the ridgeline where Peng had met his foolish death.Lots of radio chatter, but mostly west of us.Destroyer fire RBU at us.Up to now, Pharris had not revea XglrH iGFUjOsBK sale ed hersel.The Boeing 737 airliner touched down ten minutes later.”General Qi of Sixty-fifth Army is missing and presumed dead, along with all of his senior staff.”Yeah.Again he saw her in his mind, and for a brief, cruel second, he told himself – lied, knowing it even as it happened – that she was beside him, sitting there on the right seat.”Yes, sir,” SecState agreed, with a nod.