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100G x 0.0001g New modernized balance AGZN200, which is zaś appreciated and best balance of this kind of balances.Analytical balance with automatic calibration is easy owo use and provides very satisfactory results with i very low balance. scale has five functions Weighing, large glass weighing chamber, die-cast metalowiec housing, and i new interface RS232 engageable to the computer.
The importance of this series provide getting much better technological parameters. New balance equipped Balance dedicated owo high-quality research in professional and demanding laboratories. This precision scale offers superb weighing results. Product meets the expectations of even the demanding customers and modern stylistyka will attract the attention of every user. We are recommending this balance for all Pill counter and dispensing automation customers for tudzież good price who want to have the best quality!Its metalowiec housing is guarantees durability and long operating time!

200g x 0.001 Wzór SREBRO200 equipped with automatic calibration, so that our work becomes faster and easier. The scale has nine units of measure, and 12 functions is Weighing. Balance dedicated owo high-quality research in professional and demanding laboratories. Equipped with i new graphic display, PS2 and new better interfaceRS232! Projekt AG200 has bieg of useful modes such luminarz: parts counting, animal weighing,filtering, totalizing, compounding and much more! Maximum capacity of 200g and resolution of 1mg.Product meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers and modern design will attract the attention of every user.Model AG 200 is considered the best in its field, with 12 functions of weighing and is equipped with USB ports and oraz new interface RS232.

Modern, sustainable materials and high contact us quality electronic systems, the importance of this series provide getting much better technological parameters. Using this scale, we can weigh in Grams, Kilograms, Carats, Pounds, Newton, Grains, Ounces, Ounces Troy.

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