Abnormal Vibration of Machinery Products Is One Hindering Problem

The most prominent is the application of hydraulic cylinder, which can save a lot of time and cost to replace the spare parts. When the impact crusher works with abnormal vibration, we will analysis this point hereby. The reasons may be as follows: Firstly, we must ensure that the max. Feeding size is matched with impact crusher, if the proportion of large material is a little larger, which will have a bad influence on the handling capacity and also will make the equipment work with abnormal vibration. Mining machinery and equipment requires a skilled hand for maintenance and modification tasks. Mining crusher machinery is no exception. Mining crusher machines require more frequent maintenance as heavy mining equipment which processes hard and harsh materials. Residue and resistance are two of the major causes for the need to repair or refurbish mining crusher machines. Under normal circumstances, the life of the crusher machine only three to five years, every domestic replacement crusher about 20% of total demand, market demand increases and crushing equipment replacement, brings impact crusher investment opportunities increased in export markets and crusher machine diversification investment opportunities.

Secondly, the wear degree of blow bar, when it isn”t uniform, the impact crusher will shake irregularly. Thirdly, if the rotor is installed in an unbalanced way, it will also appear this phenomenon. The impact crusher of shanghai Hongxing, of which impact plant can be use in an opposite side. Through this way, we can save a lot of time and cost. Henan Hongxing”s impact crusher is the latest product. It can crush all kinds of stones whose compressive strength is less than 350Mpa. Mining crusher machines are extremely important to the mining process. These machines make it possible to reduce material to fine consistencies for processing and using of precious excavated resources. Crusher technology makes these things possible. In addition, on the condition that the size of the crushing cone is the same, the output of this new cone crusher is improved by 35% to 60% compared with that of traditional spring cone crusher.