Elimination Means About Common Faults of Crushers

The following are the common failure checking and elimination methods: (1)Strong vibration Cause: when plate hammer is changed or mounted, detection is not made to whether rotors are balanced or not, or there are other sundries unable to be crushed for interference. Elimination method: turn off the power supply of impact crusher right away, stop working and clear up crushing cavity, check whether there are materials unable to be crushed entering crushing cavity; check the tightness condition of lining plate and the clearance between hammer and lining plate;

Moreover, applicable material hardness is more extensive. Therefore, we often see impact crusher working on many occasions. However, during working, we may encounter some failures. If these faults can be eliminated timely, the service life and production efficiency of impact crusher will be increased. check whether wear-resisting lining plate is dropped or not; change the broken pieces promptly; reinstall plate hammer and make dynamic balance correction to the rotors. Impact crusher is a crushing machinery to crush materials by virtue of impact energy. It has wide scope of application.

(1) Overlarge discharge Cause: clearance is overlarge owing to excessive abrasion of lining plate or plate hammer, and crushing effect is not ideal. Elimination method: adjust the clearance before and behind impact rack, or replace seriously worn lining plate and plate hammer; additionally, adjust the position of impact rack to make the both sides and the rack reach to relative clearance so as to ensure discharging granularity. Cone crusher sales market is gradually developing into the future, cone broken sales have far more than in previous years have improved significantly.Ore dressing equipments mainly include cement mill,ball mill, rotary dryer,flotation machine,etc.

(2) Excessive bearing temperature Cause: an excess of or a shortage of lubricating grease, lubricating grease is dirty, and bearings are broken. Elimination method: firstly, check whether lubricating grease is decreased or not; half of the volume of bearing pedestal should be full of lubricating grease; wash bearings timely and change lubricating grease; change bearings in case of serious abrasion.