Significance of Impact Breaker in Stone Crushing Plant

Henan Hongxing develop the impact crusher on the basis of absorbing domestic and international advanced technique and Combined with the sand industry specific industrial and mining conditions. it adopts the latest production technology and processing finished product is a cube, no tension and crack, particle widely used in all kinds of ores crushing,rail ,expressway cement ,energy, chemical industry, construction and so on. its row partical size can adjust, the crushing varied specification. shape,good. The impact crusher was a new equipment for middle and fine crushing developed in mid 90s and is indispensable equipment for Level 2 breakage and level 3 broken. impact crusher is one kind of mining crusher which uses impact energy.

In the motor driving, the rotor rotate in high speed, ore come into by feeding port, and sliding down along the screen panel, sieve ore is crushed by the hard alloy hammer which is on the high speed rotating rotor in the process of falling When the material go into the plate hammer function area, the material is crushed when it hit on the rotor plate hammer ,then rebound to plate hammer function area from Impact plate for one more time crushing. Impact plate rebound ore,then the ore crash with other ore which is throwed out by rotor. As the professional knows, we’d better put a compound crusher before the sand making machine. First of all, the final product of stone crusher is very small, most of which is smaller than 35mm. These stone can be fed into sand making machine immediately.

This process is repeated, The material go into the first,second,third impact cavity in descending order. to meet the prescribed materials. Once the impact rusher was published, it receive unanimous favorable comment from sand ,ore industry customs at home and abroad, realized the benefit of the rich for these industries, the product sells to several countries and regions in domestic and foreign, the impact crusher played a crucial role to the development of industry.