Service Life of Spare Parts of Cone Crusher Is Longer

With the development of the times, the cone crusher has its new trends. As we all know, among the manufactures of crushing industry, except the several famous world-known manufactures, the rest companies only can produce the cone crusher with a low technique level. We have to admit that the products are homogenization and the price is equalization. Because of the low technique, the only way to reduce the price is to reduce the cost. The cone crusher is the secondary crushing equipment in the sand making and stone crushing plant.

It is widely used in crushing the above-medium stone. If the stone is harder, the best choice is cone crusher, comparing with the impact crusher, the spare parts lifespan of cone crusher is longer. Impact crusher for crushing the material in the middle, have a unique advantage, a large cavity, impact crusher, seamless links to ensure that the humidity in the material circumstances, still be able to work smoothly. Impact crusher can process 100 to 500 mm side length following materials, the compressive strength up to 350 MPa, with a crushing ratio, cubic particles were broken materials, etc., suitable for crushing medium hard materials, such as cement limestone crushing, with the production capacity, the advantages of a small particle size.

Such as the administrative cost and the marketing cost, however, there are some little factories, which reduce the production cost and produce the subquality crushers. Therefore, if the manufactures of cone crusher want to live a long life, they have to invest to the development and research. The new trends of cone crusher are automation, light-duty and high yield. In a word, the manufactures of cone crusher must invest new products” R&D, and they will get a better result. Hongxing Industries specializes in mining crusher, sand making machine, a mobile station in the development, manufacturing and sales, and promising highways, railways, utilities and other large-scale projects to provide solutions and high-grade sand and gravel equipment. Globalized economy, we have formed a crusher and other ancillary equipment, complete product chain, and became the main gravel, milling machinery production and export base.