Influences of Technical Innovation on Mining Equipment

Now, Hongxing is working on its secondary technological innovation and is developing the new type single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. Because there are a lot of differences between PSG series cone crusher and the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, so Hongxing puts more attention to this creation. As we all know, the original cone crusher is the spring type cone crusher which is also called Symons cone crusher. The rapid development of infrastructure construction opened the huge market of sand and aggregate. The demand for high quality aggregate in infrastructure projects is increasing and the quality requirements are also stricter.

Based on this, Hongxing produced a new type spring cone crusher—PSG series cone crusher, which can be more advanced whether on the structure or spear parts. This can be the first technological innovation. Hongxing has been always walking in the forefront of crusher industry and deemed it its duty to develop new advanced crushing equipment. Hongxing will spare no efforts to innovate and create new crushers and sand making equipment fully meeting the needs of users and the market. So the sand making machine must constantly upgrade to meet the needs of infrastructure development. For high quality large buildings, using the new high efficient sand making equipment is the only solution to the issue.

Based on adopting American advanced technology, Hongxing make the cone crusher more advanced than the old one. The most important creation is the automatic control system which can be a big progress than the spring cone crusher. Only creation can make an enterprise more energetic. Hongxing believes the cone crusher will have a brighter and extensive market in the future! Quartz sand is a hard and wear resistant silicate mineral with stable chemical properties. It is widely used in glass, foundry, ceramic and refractory materials, smelting ferrosilicon, flux for metallurgy, metallurgy, construction, chemical, plastic, rubber, abrasive and other industries.