The Functions of Mining Machines Cannot Be Overlooked

Henan Hongxing pays attention to the innovation of science and technology, insists on keeping pace with the times, and constantly develops new equipment. New hydraulic cone crusherhas better quality and automated, become a new beloved of mining machinery market. Compared with spring cone crusher, the new hydraulic cone crusher made by Hongxing is more efficient, has higher production capacity, better shape of products, maintenance is more convenient. Cone crusher is a kind of more advanced crusher through the melioration of technology based on the traditional jaw crusher and impact crusher develop to a certain period. And cone crusher have its own history of development, forming two models are spring type and hydraulic pressure type.

Hydraulic cone crusher is the advanced crusher type and praise by many users. Although the hydraulic cone crusher and traditional crusher have obvious differences on structure design and the manufacturing process, but it concentrates all the main advantages of all kinds of cone crusher at present. In the design of VC new high efficient sand making machine, Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. began from the service life and wear parts of the machine. after the technical upgrade VC series sand making machine has longer service life and lower vulnerability of wear-resistant parts.

When the new hydraulic cone crusher is working, motor drive the transmission shaft, transmission gear belt drive eccentric set of rotation, moving cone do a movement spin under the action of eccentric, that moves cone and the cone near sometimes set aside. Materials were broken by compressing and impacting in a cavity, broken material expelled from discharging mouth. It is more suitable for the crushing such as iron ore, limestone, pebbles and rocks, and the shape products are better than spring cone crusher, deeply welcomed by the market. The success of the hydraulic cone crusher explained that on this mature today while development crusher industry of only through constant innovation and technical improvement the, then there will be a way out of development.