Introduction to the Major Accessories of Generating Machines

Roughly speaking,the major systems of the diesel generating sets can be divided into mechanical systems and control systems. Diesel, oil supply system, cooling water system, starting system and generator can be uniformly summarized as the mechanical parts of the diesel generator sets. while the excitation controller, protection controller, eletrical control system, communication system and master control system are collectively referred to the control systems.

Diesel generator system is designed to act as alternate power source that provides backup power in event of power outages. The normal work of diesel generator will be impossible if there are no the following accessories.Let”s begin with automatic transfer switches. These accessories are used to switch on the power supply automatically once the main supply goes out or proves inadequate. The switches are different in power, from 100 to 400 amp. The covers for portable generator system serves as a protection for the generator system. The covers can be made up of flexible water resistant material or a hard case like cover.

There is also an accessory that allow the feed of the generator power to the main load center during a power outage event and it is ready to load center. There are different load centers for your selection, like indoor type and outdoor type. There are also power cords, power inlet box, and wheel kits for your selection. The power cords act as a connecting link between the generator system and the transfer switches or the power inlet box. Generally, it can still remain flexible even in extreme cold conditions. The function of the power inlet box is to allow you to connect the power cord of the generator system to the main electrical panel without running the wiring all over the doors and windows. Wheel kits are used to enable portability of the generator sets.