Production of wall elements

DCD Habitat is rapidly growing company in the industry of furnishing design. The company specializes in the production of modern and respected furniture for: office, laboratory, hotel, school, bedroom, kitchen, pool, spa as well as a fitness room and many more. We fulfill orders from all over the country; however our furniture is also well appreciated by the customers from abroad.

HPL laminate is recommended for areas exposed to rapid wear due to high frequency of use. A high volume of traffic that can be observed in case of train stations, airports, sports facilities and public buildings, often leads to rapid wear of used materials. Due to high resistance to scratches, moisture and UV radiation, HPL products are used in systems of sanitary cabins, construction (fill railings, external elevations of buildings, housing columns, wall and floor panels) and the production of office furniture. In addition, the boards are resistant to solvents and chemicals, so you can easily keep them clean and use them for the production of laboratory furniture.

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