Safe Startup of Generators Is of Much Concern

The association system composed by UPS and diesel generator set is the optimal choice for modern information fields on power source. Hence, the diesel generator has extended its new application from existing application fields. The diesel generating set always plays an important role in the construction of industry, agriculture, national defense, communication and so on.

The first step to insure the safety during the whole electricity production process is to start the diesel generator properly. The operators should be trained to learn the proper steps and should not be allowed without abundant experience in order to avoid injuries. So how could the operator start the diesel generator safety? First, the operators need to move the engine”s choke lever to the “Choke/Start” position. While the engine has not cooled down or if the ambient air temperature is high, they could try to start the engine without choking it. And then, they should move the RUN “ON/OFF” switch to “ON” (if equipped). In addition, each type of diesel generators are designed with the suitable battery.

In order to engage the electric start motor, the operators should press the start switch and remember to do not allow the starter motor to crank for more than 10 seconds at a time. Between starter motor cranking attempts, the operator should better wait about 20 seconds. And when the diesel generator has been started, the operator should release the start switch and do not re-engage it. And if the operators could not start the diesel generator after a few attempts, they need to check if the diesel fuel is suitable and while there is a significant fuel smell, turn the choke lever off and attempt to start the engine. And when they could start the diesel generator, they could turn off the engine”s choke lever. And now the diesel generator is ready to produce the electricity now.