How Can Maintain and Upkeep the Sand Making Lines

Sand production line has high efficiency and energy saving and machine maintenance is inseparable. The machine maintenance is a very important regular work, it should be with the correct operation and timely maintenance and cooperate closely, should have full-time personnel to check on duty. Sand production line is through the stone by vibrating feeder evenly to the jaw crusher rough break, thick broken by the material belt conveyor system into sand machine to further broken, finely materials after is transferred to the vibrating screen screening, reach the requirements of the finished product size materials into sand washing machine cleaning, cleaning the finished product output that is after the conveyor belt for finished products; Did not meet the requirements of the finished product size materials from sand to return to the vibrating machine processing, conserva formation.

1, sand production line of the machine for all the load bearing machine, so good lubrication for bearing life has the very big relations, it directly affects the machine service life and availability, and requirements of the injection of lubricant must clean, seal must be good, the machine”s main note oil is in (1) turn bearing (2) roll bearing (3) all gear (4) activities bearing, sliding surface.

2, sand production line of new installation boss prone to loose must often for inspection

3, pay attention to machine production line of each place is functioning properly

4, check the wear easily piece wear degree, always be replace worn parts. The sand-making production line produced by our company can provide you with all-around technical supports. The whole line is consisted of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand maker, vibrating screen and belt conveyor.

5, put the plane at the device activities, should remove dust and things to avoid machine met and can”t broken material activities bearing can”t move in the chassis, so that the serious accident.

6, bearing the oil temperature rise high, should stop immediately check reason to eliminate them

7, rotary gear in the works when there is a huge, shall be immediately stop for inspection, and to eliminate

According to specific requirements, we can combine different models together to meet various needs. Sand production line, the sand on equipment in addition to equipment downtime and maintenance on outside, almost don”t need manual operation. The high production efficiency, lower cost, high yield, high income, particle size uniform, finished product stone grain shape good, accord with national high-speed materials requirements.

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