Influences of Good Operators to Mining Equipment

Mining machinery enterprises in order to develop without high levels of machinery and equipment personnel. Therefore, the status of machinery and equipment shortages seriously affected China”s machinery industry to catch up with the pace of the world”s advanced level. Mining machinery in the economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development occupies an important position and role, is a pillar industry. Mining machinery manufacturing industry is the establishment of an independent state based industrial system, but also to measure a country”s industrial strength, an important symbol.

Machinery industry is technology-intensive, capital-intensive industries, while updating the equipment, understand the mapping software, will look at the drawings, there are some more people die of work experience needed. Although China”s machinery industry, the rapid development of the workforce is estimated that currently has nearly a million people, but because of the number of mining machinery companies rapid expansion, the inadequacies of traditional education and the aging of mechanics, mechanical talents far behind the industry”s development needs. I gather the company”s Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Zhengzhou Institute of Mineral utilization of dozens of experts, as well as skilled and experienced workforce, and well-equipped, exquisite, perfect testing means, mainly specializes in producing crusher jaw crusher machine, impact crusher, sand maker, stone crusher and stone production lines.

While the metal mining, non-metallic minerals, refractory minerals, chemical mines, and agricultural processing companies provide complete sets of production equipment, and implementation of pre-sale, sale, and other comprehensive high quality service. In addition, as the current machine mining machinery industry in a special stage of development, mechanical talent between enterprises digging quite common, leading to mold the flow of talent too often, on the one hand is not conducive to the development of mechanical enterprise and talent, the other is not conducive to mining machinery and equipment accumulated experience and technology talent.

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